National Licensure Compact

As the populations became more and more mobile there was a need for some sort of reciprocity for nursing licensure among states. In 2000 the National Council of State Boards of Nursing created the National Licensure Compact which allows nurses to practice in another state temporarily while maintaining their license in their home state or permamently by obtaining a license in their new state through endorsement.

The currently 24 states participate in the compact (date of implementation):

Arizona (7/1/2002)
Arkansas (7/1/2000)
Colorado (10/1/2007)
Delaware (7/1/2000)
Idaho (7/1/2001)
Iowa (7/1/2000)
Kentucky (6/1/2007)
Maine (7/1/2001)
Maryland (7/1/1999)
Mississippi (7/1/2001)
Missouri (6/1/2010)
Nebraska (1/1/2001)
New Hampshire (1/1/2006)
New Mexico (1/1/2004)
North Carolina (7/1/2000)
North Dakota (1/1/2004)
Rhode Island (7/1/2008)
South Carolina (2/1/2006)
South Dakota (1/1/2001)
Tennessee (7/1/2003)
Texas (1/1/2000)
Utah (1/1/2000)
Virginia (1/1/2005)
Wisconsin (1/1/2000)


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