Certificates for Nurses

We are pleased to offer five certificates for nurses who wish to improve their nursing skills……..

These certificates will be available November 1, 2013.Click on any certificate program below for more information:


General Nursing

Nurse Health Care Manager
The management skills you will learn in this certificate program are applicable across the health care setting. The primary focus in these six courses is the long term care facility setting. The nursing facility is situated mid-way between the hospital setting and ambulatory care settings such as a physicians’ group practice. The nursing facility is complex enough to contain nearly all the departments and functions of a hospital (many nursing facilities have more beds that small hospitals). In addition, the managerial skill sets need in hospital and nursing facility setting can be applied across the health care system.

Infection Control Practice
Every health care provider must understand and implement an infection control program. There are no exceptions.
There are too many infectious organisms such as the multi-drug resistant-pseudomonasaerugionosa below for any health care provider today to fail to think through a necessary infection control program appropriate to that provider’s setting.

Many health care providers assign the development and implementation of an infection control program to a nurse who leads an infection control committee. These courses will prepare you to provide the leadership and skills necessary to develop and administer an infection control program for health care providers.


Long Term Care / Geriatric Nursing

Director of Nursing
The director of nursing is the key to achieving quality resident care.  Being a successful director of nursing depends on having the necessary skill sets.   The eight courses in this certification provide these necessary skills.


Long Term Care Nursing
This certificate program is appropriate for nurses who are considering taking a job in the long term care nursing field, whether in a nursing facility, life care community, or assisted living or similar settings. This course is also appropriate for nurses who have been working a long term care setting but have not had any formal education about the long term care setting.
These courses will help you understand the set of rules and regulations for long term care nursing known as the Federal Requirements which is unique to long term care.

MDS Coordinator
Several years ago the Federal government established the minimum data that long term care facilities must provide nationally for each resident. Initially the MDS was used for quality control. Today the Federal government has tied the reimbursement to each facility for each patient to the MDS. Today’s long term care facilities live and die based on how well the MDS coordinator nurse does! Accordingly, the MDS nurse receives extra pay and has become a keystone position in the long term care scene.
There are two major components to this certificate program: learning the MDS itself, and learning the larger context in which the MDS functions: the Federal rules and regulations that govern the day to day life of each Medicare and or Medicaid certified long term care facility.