NURS 1-620 How to Effectively Manage Health Care Facilities

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How to More Effectively Manage Health Care Facilities (4 Contact Hours; $19)
Management skills are useful to every nurse no matter what assignment the nurse accepts. Most nurses work within a health care organization that is managed by others who may be doing a skillful job of managing or may be inept. It is important for each nurse to be able to assess the management skills of those who are managing one’s work place environment. Increasingly, nurses, especially nurses with advanced training are in settings that require that they themselves have management skills. This course is a good introduction to the basic concepts and skills of managing in the health care setting.

What you will learn:

·That the manager's role in the health care organization requires at least eight tasks: forecasting, planning, organizing, staffing,directing , comparing and controlling quality, innovating  and marketing.

·How to identify and forecast facility needs.

·An understanding of the role planning plays and the steps required in planning.

·How organizations function as systems.

·The roles of policy making in the facility.

·How decision making is a complex process.

·That there are several types of leadership styles.

·How power and authority are used in a health care facility.

·Communication skills in dealing with facility personnel.

·The roles organizational norms and values play in facility life.

·How to develop a quality control program for a facility.

·That innovating is a major requirement in today's environment.

·The steps in marketing a health care facility.

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