NURS 1-770 Overview of the MDS 3.0 RAI Chapters 1, 2, and Chapter 3 Sections A,B,C

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Overview of the MDS 3.0 RAI Chapters 1, 2, and Chapter 3 Sections A,B,C (10.25 Contact Hours; $39.50)
All nurses in the field of geriatric nursing who wish to understand the federal requirements in the area of care planning and quality of care issues. The MDS is the framework required for giving care in the geriatric setting. This is a course in geriatric nursing. The federal government’s Minimum Data Set has become the primary driver of both quality of care and reimbursements for the long term care industry. The nurse doing the MDS forms for each facility has become a key staff person.

The learner will identify the three basic components of the Resident Assessment Instrument: The Minimum Data Set (MDS) Version 3.0, the Care Area Assessment (CAA) process and the RAI utilization guidelines.

What you will learn:
The purpose of this course is to offer clear guidance about how to use the Resident AssessmentInstrument (RAI) correctly and effectively to help provide appropriate care. Providing care toresidents with post-hospital and long-term care needs is complex and challenging work. Clinicalcompetence, observational, interviewing and critical thinking skills, and assessment expertisefrom all disciplines are required to develop individualized care plans. The RAI helps nursinghome staff gather definitive information on a resident’s strengths and needs, which must beaddressed in an individualized care plan. It also assists staff with evaluating goal achievementand revising care plans accordingly by enabling the nursing home to track changes in theresident’s status. As the process of problem identification is integrated with sound clinicalinterventions, the care plan becomes each resident’s unique path toward achieving ormaintaining his or her highest practical level of well-being.

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